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BIG Idea Submission Process

Page history last edited by Mark Horoszowski 15 years, 4 months ago

This page outlines the submission process of individual BIG ideas to the different groups, through the respecitive leaders of individual group leaders.


  1. altMBA Member (aMM) completes a BIG Idea template (template still being created).
  2. AMM messages the leader of the desired group with a BIG Idea using the BIG idea template.
  3. Group Leader (GL) surfaces one idea at a time to the rest of the group.
  4. Group discusses the BIG Idea (the GL will jump in at appropriate times to keep conversation on track)
    • * If desired by the group, the GL will schedule and host a conference call or Web meeting
  5. At the end of every BIG idea discussion period, the submitter of the idea will be asked to summarize their idea and their key takeaways in a Slideshare or Google doc presentation, and send it to the group leader. 
    1. A VERY important part of this summary are the next action-steps that the aMM will be taking to turn the BIG idea into action. At the end, we'll follow up with each aMM to see how the action steps are going, and if there are other members in the group who can help out
  6. The group leader will consolidate all of the summaries for future reference within the group, and also surface all of the summaries to the entire altMBA program so everyone can learn together.
  7. The aMM should then create a survey using Google Forms or SurveyMonkey to get accurate and constructive feedback on the BIG idea


(All feedback and comments are welcome!)

Comments (2)

Roxy Allen said

at 12:17 pm on Jan 7, 2009

Yes, I like this. I want to do this.

Step 7 seems redundant. The aMM already got feedback on their big idea from their group in 4 and 5, right? So what feedback is step 7 looking for?

Mark Horoszowski said

at 12:33 pm on Jan 7, 2009

Good question. In my head, I saw it as objective feedback. If input is coming through a survey, where people won't have their names attached, they might be able to give purely honest feedback. Yes the idea will work, no it won't unless ____ - Also we can give more personal feedback - Your communication could be improved if ______ So giving not only feedback on the idea, but also personal feedback for improvement. Also, we could try and put ideas on a numerical scale, so we could "rate" the top ideas. Not sure if we want to... but maybe...

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