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Cartwheel Goals

Page history last edited by Meaghan Smith 14 years, 11 months ago

This is where we think REALLY, REALLY BIG!


Let's use this place to dream really big for our group.  Many of us applied for Seth Godin's Alternative-MBA program because the opportunity got us really excited.  What was so incredibly enticing about that program? What would make it even better?


So, use this space to write out your biggest goals for our group - the kind that make you want to do a backflip or a cartwheel.  Think "Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals (BHAGs)" here!


Cartwheel Goals - What would make this program amazing?


  • The authors of the books we profile want to be the discussion leaders/speakers for our group
  • Our group gets written up by 50+ (why not?) influential bloggers
  • Our group becomes known as a digital TED
  • People put the "Alt-MBA" (or Cake, or OurMBA, or whatever we call it) on their resumes when they apply for jobs
  • The group becomes a case study for emerging collaborative learning models
  • Seth Godin will present to our group - CHECK
  • The authors of the books profiled refer to our group on their blogs
  • We get asked to review new books before they are published
  • Our podcasts of interviews with the authors is Number 1 podcast on iTunes
  • Each successive Alt-MBA curriculum is attended by 5x the people who were involved with the previous session.
  • Our own Wikipedia page with Notable Alumni
  • Big Ideas being worked on by the group become a reality
  • Have a presentation featured on slideshare - CHECK Great work, Helen!!!
  • To have the group's big idea featured on Donny Deutsch's CNBC show "The Big Idea."

Comments (2)

Saba Long said

at 4:43 pm on Jan 9, 2009

To have the group's big idea featured on Donny Deutsch's CNBC show "The Big Idea."

Meaghan Smith said

at 7:02 am on Mar 12, 2009

Hey guys, I don't think "The Big Idea" is on anymore. One of the show's that was put on hiatus a few months ago.

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