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Experts and Speakers

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Please add to this list if you have suggestions for experts/speakers for our group!




Topic Website Contact info Recommended by Confirmed
Lisa Johnson Marketing to the "Connected Generation" www.reachgroupconsulting.com lisa@reachgroupconsulting.com Cassie Pruett Yes
Prof. Chekitan Dev (Cornell) Business Strategy http://www.hotelschool.cornell.edu/research/facultybios/faculty.html?id=25   Jonathan Blank No
Mark Reynolds Productivity and Effectiveness www.missioncontrol.com   Rex Williams




Lisa Ratner Management & Leadership http://greatplacetowork.com lratner@greatplacetowork.com  Roxy Allen Yes
Pace and Kyeli Smith Communication http://paceandkyeli.com/, http://usualerror.com/ paceandkyeli@usualerror.com Megan Elizabeth Morris No
Paul Durban Design/Production     Megan Elizabeth Morris No
Garr Reynolds  Presentation  http://www.presenationzen.com  garr@presentationzen.com  Paul Pettengill  No 
Nancy Duarte  Presentation  http://www.duarte.com nancy@duarte.com  Paul Pettengill  Yes
Andrew Warner Interviewing http://blog.mixergy.com @andrewwarner Matt Cheney


KaosPilots Entrepreneurship http://kaospilot.dk
http://kaospilots.se / nl / no
has contact details for all the schools
Tiara Shafiq No
Michael Doneman Entrepreneurship http://edgeware.com.au michael@edgeware.com.au Tiara Shafiq No


Schwartz      Entrepreneurship     http://www.50interviews.com

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