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This wiki is the place where we will collectively co-create the Alt MBA program.  Here is where you can be a part of deciding the direction, mission, vision and even the name of the Alt MBA group.  Use the sidebar on the right to navigate to the various pages related to the manifesto (front page), history, mission/vision, names/logos and course schedule.  Please edit this wiki and add your thoughts and ideas about the direction of (y)our group.* 


(*Please only edit the wiki if you're planning on being an active member of this program.)



The Alt MBA Manifesto

manifesto n. , pl. -toes or -tos . A public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially of a political nature.


  • We are a community of learners, leapers and agents of change.
  • We are looking for fellow tribe members.
  • We believe there is joy and deep satisfaction received from sharing our gifts, time and talent with others. 
  • We believe in the power of small amounts of time, energy and money towards a good cause.
  • We inspire each other and look to each other for inspiration. 
  • We believe there is a window of opportunity for people that are willing to learn and leap because so many people are unwilling to change.
  • We believe in the power of people and know that a bunch of smart people in relationship with each other can overcome big challenges and create tremendous change.  
  • We want to learn the new rules and skill sets of the modern marketplace to be more effective in our work.
  • We want to build a life/business that feeds our passions, fits our strengths and infuses our days with joy and satisfaction.


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