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Page history last edited by Mark Horoszowski 15 years, 3 months ago

Groups have two primary fuctions:


1. Helping develop 'BIG Ideas' 

2. Writing an eBook chapter


1. Helping develop 'BIG Ideas' 

Please check out the:


2. Writing an eBook chapter

We’re making an altMBA eBook, and you can be the author.


This idea has been thrown out, and we want to know if we should do this or not.


Here is the plan:

Each group will be responsible for publishing an eBook Chapter for their topic.

A Web/altMBA version of (group name) 101 (i.e., Strategy & Innovation e01; Design and branding alt01)


·         Consider this the “final” project of the course.

·         Each group will create one of these eBook chapters to educate other altMBA program members, and the world at large.

·         In the last week of the program, after submitting the eBook Chapter, each group will present the eBook Chapter in an online presentation to the entire program. eBooks Chatpers will be compiled and shared on www.alt-mba.com as a compiled eBook, and possible even published on lulu.com


Note: White we call it an "eBook" it can take on any form/format the group decides.




Comments (4)

Matt Cheney said

at 5:44 pm on Jan 12, 2009

Hi Mark, awesome idea. What a great way to split the larger group into smaller focus tribes. The only confusion I had was on the size of the eBook. Is it a chapter or an entire eBook?

My thought is that each group would create a chapter (7-15 pages) on their topic. This way it's not insanely time consuming, the constrains will force the group to keep only the best ideas, and we can compile them all into a main eBook. And I think the eBook is a fantastic method of distribution. If we find that there is a demand for a "real" book, we can lay it out and then print and distribute it for cheap at www.Lulu.com

Here's a second question: Should the eBook have a single theme?

Mark Horoszowski said

at 6:30 pm on Jan 12, 2009

Agreed - chapters is definitely the way to go! And putting the final into print is fantastic!

Expand on the "theme" for if you will... any ideas?

Matt Cheney said

at 8:03 pm on Jan 12, 2009

I don't have any themes in mind. I spoke with Kevin today, and based on the feedback he's got we'll probably have an easier time selecting a theme when he presents his findings. And we can crowd source that question to the group as well.

Paul Pettengill said

at 3:10 am on Jan 13, 2009

Hey Mark, this looks great. I love it!

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