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Mission and Vision

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1. Project Overview


  • Brand Mark
  • Typography System
  • Color System
  • Flexible Element System 


Web Presence

  • Website
  • Blog
  • How To Blog
  • Ebook   
  • Podcast  
  • Video’s
  • SlideShare


Social Web Presence

  • Ning Site
  • Wiki Site
  • Facebook Fan page 


2. Brand Background

Seth posted an opportunity to join him for six months, this is a group of those not selected who looked around and were blown away by the others who were applying and decided to do something about it. These people had big ideas and big visions who exhibited a hunger and humility for learning.  This was a group of people who wanted a vehicle to move forward, that vehicle is this group which quickly snowballed into something great!


“If I could give up the time to move to NY, I could change my life without going”

 --Roxy Allen


3. Brand Tenets


Brand Promise


A no cost community/platform with a defined start and end, built on a tribe of people who believe that we need you to lead us. Who want to keep you accountable to achieving your dreams and leading. This is an opportunity to create a personalized learning experience where you have to be crazy enough to challenge yourself and work together with like minded people to improve.


Brand Keywords


  • Honest/Transparent
  • Consistent
  • Open
  • Worthwhile 
  • Everyone is welcome
  • Focused
  • Iconoclastic (Pathologically bold)
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Authentic
  • Hunger
  • Humility
  • Help me so I can help others
  • Motivated
  • Hard Working


Vehicle for Change

  • Catalyst
  • Non traditional 
  • Potential
  • Smart
  • Inspiring
  • Genuine
  • Different
  • Velocity of ideas
  • Quality of ideas
  • DIY with partners
  • Social education
  • Cool
  • Rich  


“Giant white board for people to draw and create!”

--Mark Horoszowski

Brand is Not

  • Typical
  • Formal
  • Standard
  • Structured
  • Safe
  • Boring
  • Company organized
  • Redundant
  • About requirements or grading
  • Ivy league
  • Stuffy
  • Arrogant


Unique Selling Proposition

An unstructured community/platform for you to get out what you put in, where there is a need for you to lead and people who are ready to hold you accountable.


“We are a group of highly motivated people who created program to collaborate and learn from each other. that is truly out of the ordinary”

--Matt Cheney


“People from this group are going to change the world.”

--Mark Horoszowski


4. Brand Audience


“If  you're not excited with the idea of self growth this idea is not for you”

--Paul Pettengill  


Primary Audience:

Leaders who are ready to stand up who have all the tools and are ready to be pushed to the next level beyond their comfort zones. These are people who are capable of world changing, who have not done it too their personal desired level.


“We are not going in a job wanting to work up the corporate ladder, these are really smart people who understand the power of communities.”

--Matt Cheney

 “Their hair is a little messy because they know the experience is worth more”

--Mark Horoszowski



  • Passionate
  • Excited
  • Dedicated
  • Books readers
  • Seth Godin fan’s
  • Openness of the mind, ready to change
  • Capable to be doers and fast movers
  • Incredible people that you just don’t meet every day
  • People who don’t take every thing they read at face value
  • Ready to challenge themselves


“These are the people who are at a point in their life where they want to see beyond what they are doing and find new horizons”

--Paul Pettengill  


Strive to be:

  • Change Agents
  • Self Starters
  • Innovators
  • Brilliant
  • Moving up in their career
  • Bold boot wearing women
  • Entrepreneurial 
  • World Changers


Secondary Audience:

1.The bored smart kid in the back of the class.

  • People with potential
  • Dreamers
  • Talkers


2.Hesitant Leaders

  • Offline Leaders
  • People who have read business books and hesitant to take a leap
  • People that don't yet trust social media as a platform for learning. 


3.Potential Customers/Employers

  • People that will review what we have done and why
  • Curious people focused on your background


5. Design Prompts

Design Keywords

  • Viral
  • Sticky
  • Engaging
  • Updateable
  • Organize lots of content
  • Quick
  • Easy to use
    • Yet deep/robust
  • Clean
  • Simple
  • Organic


Design Prompts

·Story consistent across all platforms 

    • Visual
    • Copy
    • Audio
  • Show the community and quality of discussion
  • Highlight the momentum/potential
  • Outreach page, sell to come and join
  • Potentially a job board
  • Showcase Members:
    • Backgrounds
    • Dreams
    • Goals


“It needs to be impressive that is clearly laid out and having people understand what we are doing, show people that we are serious and it's beyond a forum or chat group“

--Matt Cheney


“We should show off this incredible group; there are people here who are brilliant and incredible.”

--Paul Pettengill


“Currently it's difficult to show an outsider what exactly were doing. We should show an incentive to spend their time with us “

--Matt Cheney



Stories to Tell

  • Together we created this
  • Experts, authors, and heroes are teaching us 

·Innovative Concept

·Trail by fire

·Friendships built and projects embarked

·Exposure created 


6. Phased Project Plan

Phase One

Eight Weeks

  • Create Project Plan
  • Research
  • Brand mark design
    • Typography System
    • Color System
    • Flexible Element System 


Phase Two

Ten Weeks

Web Presence

  • Website
  • Blog
  • How To Blog
  • Ebook   
  • Podcast  
  • Video’s
  • SlideShare


Phase Three

Six Weeks

Social Web Presence

  • Ning Site
  • Wiki Site
  • Facebook Fan page 


Here is Matt Cheney's Interview: 


Here is Paul Pettengill's Interview


Here is Roxy Allen's Interveiw


Here is Mark Horoszowski Interview 


Also here is a book that is all about how to create a design brief. 

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