Program Costs


Who's paying now?
How can this be funded? Host conference call recordings $5-10 Matt Cheney  
Vimeo Pro Host video interview recordings $5 ($60/yr) Matt Cheney  
Ning Premium Turn off ads $24.95/Mo. Paul Pettengill  
Wordpress theme Public website professional look $10/month  ($70 ammoritized over 7 months) Paul Pettengill  
HiDef Conference Teleconference Service $75-125/mo. ? Sponsor Ad Block on Site
Basecamp Project Managment  $12/Mo  Kevin Buecher  
GoDaddy Public Facing Site Registration/Unlimited Linux Space $27.83/Mo. Paul Pettengill   

$159.78/mo. (conservative)





Please note:  This program is COMPLETELY FREE to participants!!


The above costs are those incurred to administer this program on the back end.  For example, when we host a conference call with an expert, book author, or to discuss a book, we record it.  To host the recording on our website so you can listen to it whenever you want, that costs $5-10 per month.  To host the video portion (if we record a presentation and audio) that costs $5 per month (charged at $60 per year).  It also costs $24.95 to turn off the Ning ads.  There are other web hosting costs that are incurred and will be in future.  


I wanted to itemize them here because the organizers of this program want to be completely transparent in how we've set this program up.  That way, others can learn from what we do to help inform their own business ventures and share ideas of how we can raise money to cover these costs.


Right now, the people above are paying for the services and we want to eventually fund them another way.