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What is Alt-MBA

Page history last edited by Mark Horoszowski 15 years, 5 months ago

The Alt-MBA program is a group of motivated and connected learners, leapers and agents of change who want to build better brains with other likeminded people from around the world. The group was originally inspired by the Alternative MBA program created by Seth Godin in December 2008.

A handful of applicants that were not selected to work with him in New York decided to launch their own version of the program. Two of the founding members put the idea out to the pool of unaccepted applicants on December 15th and since that time the group has grown to 100+ members (including Seth Godin).

We currently have a social network on Ning and a public facing page - Alt-MBA.com where we are connecting with other members and co-creating the foundation and guiding principles of our group (such as our mission, vision, history, schedule, etc.). 


Please feel free to check out those resources to learn more about the program, or email Mark or Paul with any questions!

Thanks for stopping by!

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